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King Louis IX
St Louis was named after this King of France

The Mission of StepUp! St. Louis is to support St. Louis City neighborhoods and regional communities by providing volunteers to make a positive impact and improve the quality of life.

StepUp! St. Louis began in 1985 as a volunteer civic improvement organization after federal, state and local funds were cut for financing community improvements. Every year StepUp! St. Louis volunteers supply thousands of man-hours for a variety of projects. Here are some of the areas where we have supplied our labor and expertise:
* Volunteers for auctions, house tours and other fund raising activities
* Manpower for booths at neighborhood fairs and festivals
* Cleaning and painting shelters and other community buildings
* Cleaning up neighborhoods and planting grass, flowers and trees

Some of the organizations that we have worked with include: Lift for Life Gym, Mary Ryder Home, South Side Day Nursery, Youth in Need, Wesley House Association., Lydia’s House, Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club, St. Louis Scottish Games and Culture Festival, Kids Under Twenty One, Asthma and Allergy Foundation, Fair St. Louis, 1904 World’s Fair Celebration, DeSales Community Housing, Downtown St. Louis Partnership, Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis, Children’s Miracle Network, George Washington Carver House, St. Louis Mental Health Association and the Benton Park West Neighborhood Association.

The volunteers of StepUp! St. Louis are enthusiastic and dependable. We come from all walks of life and are of all ages and backgrounds. We share a common bond of wanting to give something back to our community and derive the satisfaction of knowing that through our efforts we have helped our community thrive and have made life better for those less fortunate.


The Board of Directors of StepUp! St. Louis reviews proposed projects at their monthly meeting (held the second Monday of each month). The Board then determines whether StepUp! St. Louis can meet the projects’ requirements.

Once projects are approved, they are presented at two general membership meetings to recruit the necessary number of volunteers needed. A StepUp! St. Louis Project Coordinator is assigned to act as a liaison between the volunteers and the organization in order to ensure the volunteers have instructions on their responsibilities.

Project proposal forms are available by visiting our website www.stepupst.louis.org

Organizations supply information such as the date, time, place of the project or event, the number of volunteers needed, and the activities they will perform. We encourage the organizations to allow at least 3 months for this process. StepUp! St. Louis Volunteers are notified on upcoming projects through the mail, email, our web site and at the monthly membership meetings.
* Our goal is to help make St. Louis and surrounding communities a place we can all be proud to call home.
* StepUp! St. Louis volunteers recognize the power of community involvement.
* We are available to assist your neighborhood or organization.
* We are always looking for new projects. We hope our next project is yours!